FREE Elementary Music Distance Learning Activities | COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty and anxiety, music can be a great comfort and a positive distraction for your students and families (and for you too). For a more vertical, family-friendly approach to your elementary music distance learning activities, click to read this post – Teaching Elementary Music Online | Distance Learning COVID-19.

I highly recommend using a family-friendly approach and not simply assigning online activity after online activity. Personalize your lessons. Students want and need to hear from you.

FREE Elementary Music Online Lessons for Distance Learning in Response to School Closures

That being said, you will probably want to extend your lessons with some online resources. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, I have created several sets of completely FREE Boom Cards. These elementary music distance learning activities will remain completely free until the end of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Create a FREE Boom Account Now

You do have to have or create an account to use Boom Cards with your students. Don’t let that scare you. Boom has several different levels of accounts including free accounts.

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FREE Elementary Music Online Lessons for Distance Learning in Response to School Closures

Boom Cards Provide REAL Music Learning

Many music teachers do not know that Boom Cards may be used for REAL MUSIC LEARNING. They are particularly good for developing music literacy skills such as ear training activities, melodic and rhythmic dictation, and identifying note names. Boom Cards are self-checking and they may be repeated if desired. Students are motivated to earn incentives in a game-like environment.

Boom Cards may be assigned with Google Classroom or other learning management systems (LMS).

Boom cards in Action

Below is a FREE set of Melodic Dictation Boom Cards – So, Mi. Make sure your sound is on, then, CLICK play to listen. CLICK HERE to download this set from TpT.

(Note: Even though the YouTube video says “paid promotion” these lessons are indeed 100% free.)

FREE Boom Card Sets

In order to easily find my FREE sets, I am including them all in this post. Be sure to check back frequently to see when new lessons are posted. Better yet, CLICK HERE to follow “Mi” on Teachers pay Teachers. You will receive an email from TpT each time I post a new lesson so you will not miss out.

Click each image to download these FREE sets on TpT. If you do not have a TpT account, you will need to set one up. Just follow the prompts. It is simple.


  • Because music teachers have large numbers of students, I recommend setting up a FREE account and using the FastPin option for assigning activities. This post has information about Getting Started and Using the FREE FastPin Option.
  • You may hold students accountable by requiring them to submit a screenshot of their score. Allow students to practice multiple times to improve their scores.
  • As long as you are sharing through a private platform (Google Classroom, LMS, etc.) with only the students enrolled at your school, you may assign any of these helpful sets, paid or free. Do NOT post or share direct links in a public setting (like your website.)

Please Leave Feedback

If you like these complimentary activities, please take a minute to leave feedback on TpT. I have been working hard to help you and by leaving positive feedback you can help me. If you have never left feedback before, it really is quick and easy. Just follow these steps.

  • Log into your TpT account.
  • Click “your name” on the upper right-hand corner.
  • Under the “Buy” heading, click on “My Purchases”.
  • Under each purchase, click on the “Provide Feedback”.
  • If necessary, you can sort all your purchases by “Needs feedback”.

Using Boom Cards

If I have not convinced you yet, or if you have never used Boom Cards before, you may want to check out these blog posts. The first post includes a video with another set of Boom Cards in action.

More Sets of Boom Cards

If this situation lasts longer than expected or you want to explore more online opportunities, click to preview the following sets directly on Boom Learning. Boom allows you to “play” the first four cards of each set.

Sets may be purchased through Boom Learning using their point system or through TpT.


You may feel woefully unprepared to teach elementary music online. You are not alone. Your students did not sign up for online education either. Do NOT overwhelm your students and families. Assign one song and one activity a week at the most. Make it your mission to bring joy into your families’ homes, not frustration and one more thing to do.

You and your students can be successful with fun and free elementary music distance learning activities.

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8 thoughts on “FREE Elementary Music Distance Learning Activities | COVID-19

  1. Thank you so very much for everything that you are doing to help support, guide, and show the love. I really appreciate your blog and am grateful for the boom cards that you gifted. I had not set up a boom account until. Your direction were clear and easy. I am looking forward towards tomorrow, Monday, and the rest of the weeks ahead. We are in “harmony” and enjoying music and arts exploration in new, creative, fun ways… thanks in part to to gracious individuals sharing their gifts and talents to help further us all along together. ~~ I hope you have a fantabulous week!

    1. Thank you Melanie. I am glad these activities have been helpful to you. Best wishes!

  2. I am a private piano teacher whose students would greatly benefit from these activities. Because of Covid-19, I have had to move all of my lessons online. Am I eligible for the free account also?

    1. Hi Charlene. Boom always offers free BASIC memberships. They are a very generous company, especially in their support of teachers and schools who have been affected by COVID-19. I am not sure if they would extend the offer of a free Ultimate membership to teachers with private studios. The link to inquire is I hope this is helpful to you. Best wishes!

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