NO-PREP Boom Cards are a Valuable Tool

Rhythmic and Melodic Dictation Boom Cards make learning to read music FUN and ENGAGING. The game-like atmosphere of Boom Cards motivates students to learn and practice to improve their music literacy scores.

See What These Teachers Have To Say About Our Music Literacy Boom Cards

Extremely Satisfied

My students love this engaging resource. We spend lots of time teaching/reviewing rhythms and I was so excited to find this resource. They love playing it and they are progressing much quicker in their rhythm readiness. Thank you!

This is a great timesaver! These Boom Cards are appropriate for several different grade levels, they work well, and are fun for kids to do! Thank you so much for making this available :-).

I have been using your Boom Cards as review with my beginning band students. The units have been very helpful in getting them back into the groove of reading rhythms, and they have helped improve their ears as well. The different levels are great and they build on one another. This has been extremely helpful while teaching in a hybrid setting with some students distance learning, and others in the classroom.

Boom Cards have been a lifesaver during remote learning. I love that my students can work at their own pace, redo the decks as many times as they need, and I can quickly and easily get assessment data. I love them so much I’m going to continue using them once distance learning is over! I feel like I never have enough time to do rhythm matching or dictation…these are perfect!


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