Boom Task Cards in Elementary Music Classes

What are task cards and how do you use Boom task cards in elementary music classes?

Basically, task cards are a set of cards that have a task or question for students to complete. Task cards are very versatile and can cover any subject or topic.  Task cards may be used for individual learning activities, in centers, with partners/small groups, or even as an entire class activity. 
Rhythmic Dictation Boom Cards on iPad
Boom cards are simply a digital online version of task cards. Boom online task cards are compatible with most white boards, ipads, chrome books, or computers. They may also be assigned with Google Classroom™.

Boom Task Cards in Action

Below is a short video of a simple set of Rhythm Builder Dictation task cards in action.

Advantages of Using Boom Task Cards in Elementary Music

    • Boom cards are self-checking and give immediate feedback to students.
    • Boom cards are FUN! Students are motivated to earn gems, coins, and lightening bolts.
    • Boom cards are economical. You do NOT have to purchase a deck of cards for each student. You may assign the same deck of cards to all students who are working on that particular skill. And there are many free decks of cards. Check out this FREE beginning Rhythm Builder deck.
    • Boom cards make differentiation easy. You may choose which decks to assign to each student. Or, you may allow students to work through a series of decks at their own pace.
    • Boom grades each card automatically and generates reports with student accuracy and speed. There are no piles of grading.
    • Students may (and should) repeat a deck until it is mastered.
    • There is no copying & cutting to create paper task cards. (Although Boom task cards may be printed and used in the classroom, they are really meant to be used online.)
    • Because the product is online, you never run out of cards.
    • With a Boom account, teachers can make their own task cards and tailor them to your students specific needs.
    • A brand new feature now allows teachers to “hide” cards your students may not be ready for yet. You may also use this hide card feature to provide for differentiation by shortening or simplifying a deck.

Getting Started Using Boom Task Cards In Elementary Music

There are a few things you need to get started using Boom task cards in elementary music classes.

  1. A Boom Account. Go to to sign up for a FREE account. I would appreciate it if you would use this referral code. You may use Boom cards in “FastPlay” mode with a free account. In FastPlay mode, students still get immediate feedback and a score at the end.
      • Note: To generate student reports and archive student data, you will need a paid account. Boom has three different levels of very low-cost premium accounts.
  2. Boom Cards. You will need at least one deck of cards to assign to students. You can make your own Boom cards or you may purchase pre-made cards. Begin by searching for FREE lessons in the Boom StoreYou can also purchase Boom cards on TpT. Check out this FREE set on TpT.
  3. Broadband Internet Connection.  Boom task cards live online. There is nothing to download. Students must be online to use Boom cards.

Using FastPlay Mode is FREE!

Elementary music teachers often have hundreds of students. Many students are transient moving from school to school. I did not have time to set up and maintain student logins. With FastPlay mode, student accounts are not necessary. And FastPlay mode can be used with FREE teacher accounts.

Boom learning generates a FastPlay pin which is valid for 5 days. After that pin expires, the teacher simply logs in again to generate a new pin.

Purchase Decks on Boom Learning

 Check out my Boom Learning Store for the following sets of cards.

Each set is available separately as well as in bundles.

In order to avoid transaction fees, Boom Learning uses a point system to purchase products.

Purchase Same Decks on TpT

If you are more comfortable purchasing on TpT the same sets can be purchased on that platform. If you just need a single lesson, click the bundle, then underneath, click the lesson you need.

Boom Learning Video Tutorials

To help teachers get started using Boom cards, Boom  has created a library of helpful videos.

Ways to Use Boom Task Cards in Elementary Music

There are many different ways of using Boom task cards in elementary music. Boom learning goes beyond just FUN, it is REAL learning. Boom cards can be an integral tool in developing music literacy in the elementary grades.
Check out this post for more Ways to Use Boom Task Cards.
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