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Boom Cards can’t be used to teach music reading, can they? YES! There are entire series of online music activities for elementary students. And, because they are sequential building one upon another, many of these activities may extend into middle school, high school, and even to adult beginners.

My mom is not a beginner, but she likes using my advanced sets to keep her music reading skills sharp and build her sight singing skills for her church choir.

Elementary Music Online Activities for Teaching and Learning | Developing Music Literacy

If you have not discovered Boom Cards, you are missing out. Boom Cards are perfect for learning at home, music assessment, private studios, or school. Boom Cards are self-checking and they provide students with instant feedback. Students may practice and repeat the same set multiple times if desired. They are motivated to improve their scores by earning incentives along the way.

This post is a “round-up” or collection of the various music literacy series available. My goal is to keep this post updated with new additions so check back periodically. Or, better yet, click here to Follow “Mi” on TpT and be notified when new sets are published. Enjoy!

FREE Sets for Beginning Musicians

I created the following FREE sets in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. They are perfect for your young musicians who are learning at home or at school. Online music activities for elementary students should be very simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive. These activities are perfect for your younger students.

Developing Music Staff Concepts and Skills

Short, interactive VIDEO CLIPS teach the concepts for each of these individual sets. Then, the self-checking Boom Cards give students plenty of practice developing and demonstrating their mastery.

Teachers may choose to use the video clips as a whole class activity and then assign the Boom Cards as independent work. Or, the entire lesson may be completed as a whole class group activity, as centers, or independent work at home or at school. They make perfect lessons for SUB DAYS too. Boom Cards are versatile and flexible to meet your needs and the needs of your students.

Rhythmic Dictation Drag & Drop Blocks

This series of Rhythmic Dictation Blocks is one of my favorite online music activities for developing rhythm reading skills. Students may listen as many times as they want. Then, they drag & drop blocks to “build” what they have heard. If they make a mistake, they simply listen again and fix it.

This sequential series includes the following helpful and fun sets.

What Do You Hear? | Rhythm Series

A natural follow up to a rhythm dictation set would be the corresponding set from this Rhythm Pattern Identification series. You could use the dictation blocks for practice and follow up with the rhythm pattern identification set as an assessment.

Note: I got this tip from another teacher who was using my sets. She was using the FastPin option which does not record student grades. So, she required students to take a screenshot of their score to show completion of the assignment and how many they got correct. Great idea!

Because this series does not include any cutesy clipart, it may be used for middle school, high school, or even adult music students.

The following sequential sets are available in this beneficial Ear Training series.

Advanced Rhythmic Dictation

Per teacher request, I created three sets of Advanced Rhythm Dictation Boom Cards. Set 1 was designed specifically for helping students discriminate between eighth notes vs. triplets. Set 2 was designed to help students identify different sixteenth-note patterns. And, Set 3 was designed to help students discriminate between syncopation and dotted rhythm patterns.

I do take requests when I am able to work them in. It usually takes several weeks before I am able to create requested sets. If you have a specific need for which you cannot find teaching resources, email me at and I will try to help.


These Melodic Dictation Blocks are another one of my favorite Boom Cards series. They set in the Key of F with stemless whole notes and blocks are labeled with solfege pitch names. As always, students may listen as many times as they wish. Then, they drag and drop the blocks to build the melody they hear. If they make a mistake, they simply listen again and fix it.

Note: The pitch blocks match the color of Boomwhackers, but since they are in the Key of F, they pitch functions are not the same, i.e. Do = F.

Key of F Melodic Dictation Sequential BUNDLE


If you are looking for STEMLESS NOTES for younger musicians, this Melodic Pattern Identification Series in the Key of F is perfect. Young students are often confused by the changing stem direction or notes below the staff. With these activities set in the Key of F, those factors are removed.

The following beneficial sets are included in this music literacy series. All of the resources in this series are set in the Key of F with STEMLESS NOTES.

Melodic Dictation Drag & Drop Blocks (Key of G)

This melodic dictation series is the same as the Key of F. It was created per requests from teachers who wanted a “recorder-friendly” dictation series in the Key of G.

Once again, the colors match Boomwhackers, but the function of the notes is different, G = Do.

Click to learn more.

Melodic Dictation Drag & Drop Blocks (Key of C)

These Melodic Dictation Blocks are set in the Key of C using quarter note notation. Blocks are NOT labeled with pitch names.

As a bonus, the melody blocks match the colors of Boomwhackers. In the classroom, you might want to use them as centers or activities for stations.


These sequential Melodic Pattern Identification Boom Cards are set in the Key of C using standard notation. As with the rhythm series, these sets would be a natural follow up to the melodic dictation blocks. The melody blocks activities may be used for practice to develop and strengthen student skills and these What Do You Hear? sets may be used for assessment.

The following easy-to-use sets are included in this series.

Note Name Practice | Treble Clef

Boom Cards are perfect for practicing note names. This Treble Clef Series includes 6 separate sets. Learning all of the notes at once can be overwhelming for many students. Breaking learning up into manageable chunks makes it more fun and students retain information better.

With activities set in a soccer theme, learning with these Boom Cards is even more fun. The following beneficial activities are included in this series.

Note Name Practice | Bass Clef Note Names

This Bass Clef Note Name Series is designed in the same sequence as the treble clef sets with the same fun soccer theme.

This no-prep bass clef bundle includes the following resources.

Getting Started with Boom Cards

If you need some help getting started using Boom Cards, click to read the post below. The first post includes a video of a set of music Boom Cards in action and a VIDEO TUTORIAL for getting started. It is NOT hard. I promise. But, there are a few things you should know that will help the process go more smoothly. Don’t miss this post if Boom Cards are new for you.

How to Use Boom Task Cards in Elementary Music Classes

If you are interested in more ways to use Boom Cards, click to read this post.

Ways to Use Boom Task Cards in Music Classes

A New Era of Teaching | Online Music Activities

For better, or for worse, education has entered a new era. It is our job as teachers to not only keep up, but improve and pave the way for new methods of teaching and learning. I believe that Boom Cards can be one important tool with online music activities for elementary, middle school, and high school students as well.

Take a minute and scan back through this post. Which of these activities would best meet the needs of your students right now? Download the FREE set. Then, set up an account at (This post has information about setting up an account and assigning activities – Boom Task Cards in Elementary Music Classes.)

Give Boom Cards a test drive with your students. If you are not currently in session, try them out with your children or friends. You will be glad you did.

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  1. I am a preschool music teacher. Our elementary music teacher quit unexpectedly. I am stepping in until a new teacher can be hired, which may not be until the 2021 school year. Thank you for these great activities to help me start this journey.

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      You are VERY welcome Christy. In these unprecedented times, we all need to support each other. Best wishes!

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