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6 Simple Steps to Get Started Using Boom Cards in Elementary Music

Boom Cards in elementary music can be an important tool for developing music literacy. See how to get started using this FREE rhythm set.

I was AMAZED when I saw how Boom Cards could be used in the music classroom and you will be too! They’re the perfect tool to hook your students and help develop REAL music reading skills.

So, what are online task cards and how do you use Boom Cards in elementary music classes? Boom Cards are a set of digital task cards which have one question or task for students to complete.

Boom Cards are versatile and can cover any subject or topic. They may be used for individual learning activities, in centers, with partners or small groups, or even as entire class activities.

6 Simple Steps to Get Started with Music Boom Cards

Boom Cards are compatible with most whiteboards, iPads, Chromebooks, or computers. They may be assigned with Google Classroom™, your school’s LMS (learning management system), or even email.

Rhythmic Dictation Becomes a Fun and Challenging Game

Watch the short video below with this simple set of Rhythm Builder Dictation Boom Cards in action.

YouTube video

Advantages of Using Boom Cards in Elementary Music

Boom Cards are. . . . .

  • Self-checking and give immediate feedback to students.
  • FUN! Students are motivated to earn gems, coins, and lightning bolts.
  • Economical. You do NOT have to purchase a deck of cards for each student. You may assign the same deck of cards to all students who are working on a particular skill. And there are many free decks of music Boom Cards.
  • Provide simple differentiation. You may choose which decks to assign to each student. Or, you may allow students to work through a series of decks at their own pace.
  • No piles of grading. Boom grades each card automatically and generates reports with student accuracy and speed. (Paid account required to generate student reports.)
  • Students may repeat a deck until it is mastered.
  • No-Prep activities. Since Boom Cards are a digital resource, there is no need to print, copy, and cut to create paper task cards. (Boom Cards may be printed and used in the classroom, but they’re meant to be used online.)
  • Online resource. Because the product is online, you never run out of cards.
  • Create your own Boom Cards. Teachers can create up to 5 decks of their own and tailor them to students’ specific needs with the FREE Boom teacher account. Click the link and scroll down to see the various membership plans.

6 Steps to Get Started Using Boom Cards In the Elementary Music Classroom

Follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Create a Boom Account. Go to boomlearning.com to sign up for a FREE account. I would appreciate it if you would use this referral code.
  2. Try Out a FREE Deck of Boom Cards. You will need at least one deck of cards to assign to your students. Download this link to this FREE Rhythm Dictation Set.
  3. Redeem Your Boom Cards. Step-by-step directions with screenshots are included in the download.
  4. Locate the Deck in your Boom Library.
  5. Click “Assign” and choose FastPin from the dropdown menu.
  6. Copy the FastPlay Link and send the link to your students via Google Classroom, email, or your school’s LMS. (Note: This is NOT the same as the “hyperlink.”)
Video Tutorial – Get Started Using Music Boom Cards

The short video below walks you through how to download a FREE set of Boom Cards from TpT, redeem those cards to BoomLearning, and assign cards to students.

Watch all the way to the end, because there is a tip for how students can submit their scores using the free FastPin mode.

YouTube video

Using FastPlay Mode is FREE and Easy!

Elementary music teachers often have hundreds of students. Many students are transient and move from school to school. We do not have time to set up and maintain student logins. With FastPlay mode, student accounts are not necessary. And FastPlay mode can be used with FREE teacher accounts.

Please note to generate student reports and archive student data, you will need a paid Boom account. Boom Learning has three different levels of low-cost premium accounts. As a music teacher with approximately 400 students, I have found it unfeasible to set up individual accounts. Instead, I have always opted to use the FREE FastPin option.

Important Note: Boom Learning FastPlay pins and links are now valid for 15 days. After the pin or link expires, the teacher simply logs in again to generate a new one and sends students the updated link.

Using Boom Cards as Authentic Assessments

I picked up a great tip from another music teacher who is using our Boom Cards. She assigned her decks with FastPins links. Then, she had students take a screenshot of their scores and submit it. This allowed her to hold students accountable and monitor their progress using only the FREE Boom account.

Great idea!

Access Decks on Boom Learning or TpT

You may purchase more advanced Boom Cards on TpT or through Boom Learning. Both platforms have their advantages. But the main difference is Boom Learning uses a points system. On Boom Learning, you purchase points and redeem those points for Boom Cards.

One advantage of purchasing through TpT is when you provide feedback on paid resources, you earn credits toward any future purchases. Need help earning or redeeming your credits? See this post – How to Earn and Redeem TpT Credit.

The first set in each of our bundles is FREE. Give them a try. You and your students will love them too!

Boom Learning Video Tutorials

Boom Learning has a library of helpful video tutorials if you decide to go with a low-cost paid teacher account and create individual student accounts.

FUN Ways to Use Boom Task Cards in Elementary Music

Yes, Boom Cards are an AMAZING addition to your elementary music lesson plans! They made be used in MANY fun ways in the elementary music classroom. But Boom Cards goes beyond FUN activities. This technology provides REAL authentic learning. Boom Cards can be an integral tool to develop music literacy in the elementary grades.

See this post for more Ways to Use Boom Task Cards and let me know if you need any help.

Pick Up 5 Free Boom Cards Decks for Your Elementary Music Classroom

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is a great time saver! These Boom Cards are appropriate for several different grade levels, they work well, and are fun for kids to do! Thank you so much for making this available. 😊

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