Treble Clef Note Name Games

Treble Clef Note Name GamesIf you have not tried Quizlet, give it a try. Quizlet makes learning fun and it’s FREE! These treble clef note name games make learning fun and provide a challenge for students to improve their skills. I have created several sequential sets to meet the needs of any elementary classroom. 

Quizlet Provides a Variety of Learning Games

With a variety of modes and games, Quizlet keeps practice fresh. Each study set that is created in Quizlet can be learned using seven different modes.

  • Flashcards
  • Learn
  • Write
  • Spell
  • Test
  • Match
  • Gravity

Obviously, the Spell mode doesn’t make sense for treble clef notes names. But all of the other games work well. My students’ favorites are Matching and Gravity. 

We always practice the flashcards first because they are not timed. Students can work slowly and learn at their own pace. The Matching and Gravity games are timed and they provide a real challenge.

Treble Clef Note Name Games | Spaces & Lines Separately

These basic sets start very simply for beginning musicians. Set 1 isolates line and spaces separately in two separate practice sets. Tap on links to play and learn on Quizlet.

**Make sure you click full-screen mode to see the note first. If you are not is full-screen mode, the flashcards may show the answer first.

Notes About Using Quizlet
  • You may be prompted to sign up or log in. At the current time, you do not need to do either to use these study sets.
  • When you are using Flashcard mode the note image will simply enlarge if you tap directly on it. Tap the corner to turn over the flashcard.


Treble Clef Note Name Games | Extend the Staff

These sets include notes up to one ledger line above and one ledger line below the staff.  These activities are still separated into two different sets lines/spaces.  The images below are from the Gravity and Matching games. We created some friendly competition using the Gravity and Matching games.

**Remember to click full-screen mode to see the notes first.

Treble Clef Space NotesTreble Clef Lines Game


Treble Clef Note Name Games | Put it all Together

The next two sets put all of the notes together mixing up lines and spaces. The BASIC set contains notes on the staff. The EXTENDED set includes notes up to one ledger line above & one ledger line below the staff.

**Remember to click full-screen mode to see the notes first.

Treble Clef Note Names

Treble Clef Note Name Game


More Music Learning Resources

If you are looking for more music learning resources, check out these music symbol puzzles. Scrambled words, word searches and crosswords make learning fun. They are perfect for centers, sub days, group activities and more.

Quizlet is a Great Learning Tool

Quizlet offers TONS of resources that you can access 100% free of charge. It is an especially good tool for foreign language vocabulary practice and of course, learning musical note names.

If you are interested in digital online products that track student learning, check out this post about Using Boom Cards in the Music Classroom.  The variety that Quizlet and other online tools provides helps increase novelty and keep students motivated. My students especially like the Match & Gravity modes. They love the competition involved in Treble Clef Note Name Games. Enjoy!


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Have you made any Quizlet sets? Have you used Quizlet in your classroom? What recommendations do you have? Leave a comment.




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