How to Get the Most Value from TpT Site-Wide Sales

Teachers Pay Teachers site-wide sales only occur a few times a year. You want to be ready to take advantage of these substantial savings. Not every seller chooses to join in the sale, but most do. Individual sellers usually offer 20% off of ALL their products. TpT offers another 5% off only if you use the promo code. That is a whopping 25% off!

Every sale has a different promo code. I always send an email out the day before a sale to notify my email subscribers. This notification will include the dates of the sale and the promo code along with a link to some of my favorite resources.  

Teacher Tips for Getting the Most Value from Teachers pay Teachers Site-Wide Sales

If you would like to be notified to make sure you never miss a sale, click here to subscribe or sign up through the form on the side bar or at the bottom of this post. As a bonus, you will receive a sequence of emails with several FREE resources.

Now let’s talk about some important tips to help you get the most value out of each TpT sale.

Take Inventory and Prioritize Your Needs

First and foremost, stop and take stock of what you already have. What lessons are going well for you? What learning objectives do you need to supplement? After you know what you need, take a minute and prioritize your list. Now that you have identified where your most pressing needs lie, you are ready to start looking for resources that will meet those needs.

Use Categories to Target Your Searches

Many Teacher Authors set up their TpT stores with custom categories to help you find exactly what you need. Scan the left-hand side of our store home page to see categories to help you focus your search.

If you do not find what you need in the custom categories section, you can search individual stores. Make sure you use the smaller search bar titled “Search Store. It is just below the FREE Download button. Search broad and specific keywords that describe your needs.

Ask Questions

If you still cannot find what you need, use the “Ask a Question” tab which is just below the main store banner. Your Teacher Author will get back ASAP.

Start Your Wish List and Cart

When you find resources that meet classroom needs that are lower on your priority list, add them to your wish list. As you identify lessons that meet the most pressing needs for your classroom, add them to your cart. (You can always move them to your wish list later if necessary.)

Then, you are ready to prioritize your purchases. Move resources from your wish list to your cart or vise versa as determined by your priority list. Then, just wait for a sale.

Read on to learn how to earn free/reduced price products.

Earn FREE TpT Products

Did you know that you can earn credit just by leaving reviews of your previously purchased TpT resources? It is totally worth it. You can even earn FREE products. My last purchase from TpT only cost me $0.22.

What are you waiting for? Log on and leave some reviews. Those review will help your Teacher Authors and other teachers interested in those resources.

If you need detailed directions complete with screenshots for leaving reviews, click to see How to Earn TpT Credit.

Teacher Tips for Getting the Most Value from Teachers pay Teachers Site-Wide Sales

How to Redeem Credits

If you have any credits, the next time you make a TpT purchase, you will see an “Account Balance” box in your cart. Don’t forget to look for this box. The Account Balance box is directly under the button that says “Secure Checkout”. It will give you the amount in US dollars of your available credit. Simply click in the box and type the amount you would like to redeem. I usually redeem the entire amount.

Your balance does not expire, so keep leaving timely feedback so you are ready for any site-wide sales as they pop up.

TpT ClassFund™ and DonorsChoose

TpT has a crowdsource funding platform called TpT ClassFund™ to help teachers pay for resources that they need.  They have also recently partnered with DonorsChoose giving teachers various options for easily raising funds.

Always get your principal’s or appropriate administrator’s permission before undertaking any form of fundraising.  That being said, this is the easiest fundraising you will ever undertake. 

Another Way to Save

Many sellers offer BIG discounts the first 24 hours that a new product is posted. Every time I release a new resource, it will be 40% off! You can save throughout the year just by following your favorite sellers and checking out their new lessons. TpT will send an email to notify you when they release new products. Click here to “Follow Mi” on TpT.

Follow these Steps to Get Ready Today

TpT only advertises sales 24 hours prior to the event. Here is what you can do today to be ready.

  1. Take inventory of your current resources and identify the needs for your classroom.
  2. Prioritize those needs.
  3. Search TpT and your favorite Teacher Authors for resources that will best meet the needs of your classroom. Add those resources to your wish list or your cart. 
  4. Consider talking to your principal about using TpT ClassFund™ or DonorsChoose and start building up the funding for your classroom. If you invest in classroom resources during sales, you maximize the benefit of your donations.
  5. Leave feedback for previously purchased items to build up your credit.
  6. Click here to subscribe to my email list so you won’t miss the next sale. (It is easy to do. I missed one.)
  7. Click here to “Follow Mi” on TpT.  All of my lessons are 40% off the first 24 hours. 

Now, when a TpT site-wide sale pops up with little notice, you will be ready to get the most value for your students in your classroom.

TpT Site-Wide Sales | Time to Stock Up

TpT site-wide sales are definitely the time to stock up. This is the perfect time to invest in sequential music literacy bundles which may be used for multiple grade levels and multiple abilities. Don’t forget to use the promo code at checkout to get the entire 25%. 

Below is the link to my store. Don’t forget to ask questions through the “Ask a Question” tab if you need help.

Happy Browsing!

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