Digital Music Activities for Elementary Grades

One of the nice things about digital music activities is that they are not simply for distance learning. All of the activities in this post were originally designed for use in the elementary music classroom as centers, individual or group activities, or even assessments. 

Online Music Activities for Elementary Students, Parents, and Teachers | Distance Learning

We originally pulled all of these resources together into one post because they are perfect online music activities for elementary students, classroom teachers, teachers with private studios, and homeschool parents who found themselves unexpectedly teaching and learning in distance learning situations.

Now that we are back in the classroom, don’t forget about the benefits of digital music activities. They can be efficient and motivating tools to help develop students’ music literacy skills. And, many digital activities have been created in sequential series similar to instrumental method books. This allows some activities to extend well beyond the scope of the elementary music classroom. Advanced Boom Cards sets may be used with middle school and high school students.

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Interactive Music Composition Blocks | 4 Lessons in 1

These FUN sets of interactive music composition activities are sure to be a hit with your elementary music students. The drag & drop rhythm blocks ensure student success while teaching about note values, meter, form, and lyrics. Each leveled set includes 4 separate lessons in which students create 4 different types of rhythm compositions, each building upon the next.

These Composition Blocks are available in PowerPoint and Google Slides format. And, the bundles include all 4 differentiated sets for use with various grade levels or for differentiation within classes. These drag and drop activities may be assigned with Google Classroom or by using your schools’ LMS (Learning Management System).

Click here is you need PowerPoint versions.

Meet the Instruments of the Orchestra and Band

This series was designed to be delivered by music teachers in the elementary music classroom. However, these lessons are perfect for non-music sub lessons and/or homeschooling. Each no-prep, guided PowerPoint lesson includes built-in student interaction throughout to involve all students.

The presentations include sound links and images for each instrument. Optional worksheets are included as well.

Save over 20% when you invest in these NO-PREP resources as a BUNDLE.

Important Note: Most of the sound links are to professional symphony orchestras and are designed for children to learn about instruments. A few links are provided by other appropriate sources. Follow your school’s policy about using internet links.

Advantages of Using Music Literacy Boom Cards

Our Music Literacy Boom Cards are designed to help develop REAL MUSIC LITERACY SKILLS and be simple for music teachers to implement and use. There are many advantages of using Boom Cards to facilitate music reading.

  1. Boom Cards are no-prep, easy-to-use, interactive activities.
  2. These digital task cards provide engagement and interactivity for students. Boom is set in a game-like environment which motivates students to improve their performance. 
  3. Boom Cards are self-checking and students get immediate feedback. If students make a mistake, they should listen again and fix their answers.
  4. The same deck of Boom Cards may be repeated several times if desired. All of our cards are set to “randomize” so that each time a students “plays” a set, they will see the activities in a different order.
  5. Differentiation is easy with Boom Cards. You may assign different sets to different students or teachers may “hide” certain cards for specific students. All of our Boom sets are designed in sequential sets which makes differentiation a breeze.
  6. Boom Cards may be used for learning, practice, or even assessment. 
  7. Boom allows teachers to preview the first 4 cards of each deck so you really know what you are getting and if the activity matches the needs of your students.

Boom Cards are Economical

Most of our sets are around $3.00 and many are FREE. When I first learned about Boom Cards, I thought you needed to purchase a set for each student. I couldn’t believe that it was a one time purchase and that teachers could use one set of Boom Cards with ALL STUDENTS year after year! Talk about economical!

Boom Cards are Versatile

Boom Cards may be used as individual 1:1 activities, as centers or stations, or as whole class activities.  If you are not a 1:1 school, you can display Boom Cards on a whiteboard and the class can all participate together by “writing” their answers using simple manipulatives.

See this post for more on Ways to Use Boom Cards in the Elementary Music Classroom.

Rhythmic Dictation | 7 Sequential Sets

Rhythmic Dictation is one of our favorite ways to use Boom Cards! Students listen and drag and drop the blocks to “build” the rhythm they hear. With 7 sequential sets, you can meet the needs of all your students and all your classes.

Click the video below to see Rhythmic Dictation Boom Cards in action.

Click to preview the Rhythmic Dictation sets below

The sequential bundle includes all 7 Boom Cards sets below.

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Melodic Dictation | 7 Sequential Sets

These Melodic Dictation task cards work the same way as the rhythmic set. Students listen and drag and drop the blocks to “build” the melody they hear. This series also includes 7 sequential sets to provide differentiation between grade levels or within classes.

Click the video below to see Melodic Dictation Boom Cards in action.

Click to preview the Melodic Dictation sets below

The sequential bundle includes all 7 Boom Cards sets below.

Save over 20% when you invest in these NO-PREP sequential sets as a BUNDLE.

Ear Training Series

If you have never used Boom Cards with your early elementary students, start with these FREE sets.


If your students have not had any experience with melodic dictation, you will probably want to start with this bundle. In each of these sets, student listen and identify which of two patterns they hear. After they become proficient in identifying melodic patterns, melodic dictation is the perfect follow-up activity.

Because the Boom Cards in the “What Do You Hear?” series do not include cutesy clipart, the upper level sets are appropriate for middle school or even high school students in the classroom or the private studio.

Save over 20% when you invest in these NO-PREP sequential sets as a BUNDLE.

CLICK HERE to see additional series of Music Literacy Boom Cards.

Treble Clef and Bass Clef Note Name Series

This Treble Clef and Bass Clef Series follow the same pattern and sequence introducing limited elements at a time and providing scaffolding for young musicians.

Sets 1-3 practice BASIC space and line notes separately and then combines notes together. Sets 4-6 practice the EXTENDED space and line notes separately, and then combine all notes together.

See the video preview below to see one set in action.


This soccer theme and the game-like atmosphere of Boom Cards helps to engage students that might otherwise “tune out” during such music activities.

Save over 20% when you invest in this easy-to-use COMPLETE BUNDLE.


These bass clef sets follow the same learning sequence as the treble clef sets.

Save over 20% when you invest in all 6 sequential sets in this BUNDLE.

Need Help Getting started Using Boom Cards?

If you would like to learn more about Boom Cards or get more ideas for ways to use them in your classroom, click to see the blog posts below.

Due to requests for more specific resources, we have created several more series of Boom Cards for Developing Music Literacy.


What a joy it is to be back into our music classrooms and seeing our students face-to-face. We will never take that for granted again. All of these online digital music activities make perfect supplements to elementary music lessons in the classroom, the private studio, for sub lesson plans, or for the homeschool setting.

Best wishes!

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