Learning the Language of Music | Dynamics

Young musicians have a lot to learn. Not only do they need to learn a symbolic notation system, they also have to learn learning the language of music

As music teachers, we need to make learning music vocabulary seamless and fun. Quizlet is a great online tool to practice dynamics vocabulary and other musical terms. Not only does Quizlet offer several different fun games, playing the games is FREE!

FREE Interactive Online Dynamics Games for the Elementary Music Classroom or Distance Learning

Dynamics Flash Cards

Quizlet offers eight different practice and learning modes. I am including my favorite modes in this post but you are welcome to explore the others as well. I always start with flashcards because they are not timed. Students can learn and practice at their own pace.

The flashcards below have audio so make sure your sound is turned on. The Italian pronunciation is a valuable tool for beginning musicians. I love the way my students imitate the pronunciation. Have fun with it!

Directions: Name the Italian terms for each dynamic level. Click the corner of the flash card to turn it over and see the answer. 

Note: By clicking the “Options” button on the bottom left you can change what you see first, the Italian term or the English definition. Keep practicing until you have got them down!

Dynamics Matching Game

The matching game is my favorite for learning dynamics. It challenges students and motivates them to work to get better and quicker at their answers. This game is timed so make sure your students have had some practice before playing. Allow them time to play several times to improve their scores

Directions:  Click to select the matching terms. If they disappear, your answer was correct. If not, try again. Keep practicing to get your time faster and more accurate.

Gravity Game

This game is even more of a challenge. Depending upon the age and typing and spelling abilities of your students, I don’t recommend this game for practicing dynamics. Gravity is GREAT for treble clef note names. 

In the Gravity game, students must type the answer into the bar before the astroid hits the planet. If the answer is misspelled, it will be counted wrong. That is why I do not recommend this game for dynamics. It is perfect for practicing treble clef note names.

Test Your Knowledge

Quizlet even offers a “Test” mode. Test mode may be used for additional practice or as an assessment. Students may take practice tests online complete with automatic grading and immediate feedback.

Teachers may also print the test and administer it as a pencil/paper assessment. Teachers have the option to choose question types – written, matching, multiple choice, and/or true/ false. (I currently have the written option unchecked.) As a bonus, each time you generate a new test, the questions are scrambled.

Directions: Answer each question. When you are finished, click the “Check Answers” bar at the bottom of the test. Keep practicing until you have them learned. 🙂

Expand Your Vocabulary | Word Search Puzzles

If you are looking for more fun ways to help your students who are learning the language of music, check out the Music Symbols Puzzles below.


Truly learning the written and unwritten language of music takes a lifetime. Help get your students off to a good start and enjoy learning.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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