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Fun Back to School Music Activities for the First Days of School

For some students, it has been a long time since they were in the classroom. Welcome them with engaging Back to School music activities.

After pandemic teaching, everything has been different. Help your students have a more reassuring Back to School season this year. Welcome them back with fresh and fun Back to School music activities that will have them hooked on music from the first day of school.

Check out a few of the activities below to get your students actively engaged singing, moving, playing, and learning music skills right away.

Back to School Music Activities & Lessons for Elementary Grades | Classroom & Distance Learning

You Have to Teach Music Classroom Rules. Why Not Have Fun Doing It?

Who says that learning rules and procedures has to be boring? Why not set your rules to rhythm patterns? Then you can learn and practice classroom rules using body percussion, Orff instrument activities, Boomwhackers, and more.

Need to see more? Take a look at this 4 Fun Ways to Teach Music Classroom Rules blog post with detailed directions and video demonstrations.

Are you strapped for time? Download our FREE Music Rule Rhythm Posters. Or, maybe you need a more extensive, customizable rule learning sequence for grades K-5? These Music Rules Orff Rhythm Activities include ready-to-go lessons which may be extended over 4 class sessions. That is some fun classroom rule review!

See What A Few Other Teachers Have to Say About Rhythm Rules Activities

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I love how this helped my students remember our classroom rules while teaching them rhythms! Genius! ~Rachel

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thank you for the work you put into this so! The Kafooty is silly and the kids like this as well! I really like the incorporation of instruments. There are so many ways to use this and you’ve added so much in there from a fun and easy to understand rubric, as well as how to differentiate and pace out the lesson for all grade levels.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Andrea H. – I really like this resource a lot, and I am looking at your other resources because of how organized this was!! I also like that I am able to change around the rhythms so that I can match the PBIS rules for my building. It was a little tricky to do this, but I am getting the hang of it, and your resource is very editable and customizable. The students are engaged and I look really organized in the process!! 🙂

Welcome Your Students with Fun Music Mixer Movement Activities

Your students have missed their friends. And, the new students may need a little help getting to know the other kids in their class. Music Mixer movement activities get students singing, moving, and interacting positively with each other on day one.

So what are Music Mixer activities and how do you implement them in your elementary music classroom? See this blog post for detailed tips for designing your own.

Do you need a couple of ready-to-go Music Mixers that you can use year after year? These make perfect activities for Back to School time, after a school break, or when a new student joins your class.

Click to preview these easy-to-use Music Mixers. Each includes a different original song with an accompaniment track.

Make Music Literacy the Back Bone of Your Elementary Music Curriculum

There is so little time and so much to teach! Don’t ignore music literacy when you are planning you Back to School music activities. Work music literacy activities in naturally by starting your elementary music classes with a fun music literacy lesson every day.

But, how do you make time to  teach music reading everyday? It takes careful planning and lessons that build one upon another, introducing only one new element at a time. 

Do you need ready-to-go music reading lessons that can also serve as assessments? These multitasking sequential bundles might be just what you need to develop your students’ music reading levels and save your time.

Included in these easy-to-use bundles. . . .

  • PowerPoint classroom presentations which may be used with Google Slides.
  • Iconic and standard notation.
  • Student Learning Targets written as clear, concise student-centered “I can” statements.
  • Games and activities designed to reinforce learning.
  • Instrumental performance activities.
  • Digital online Easel Activities which may be used as assessments, centers, or classroom activities.
  • Printable Take-it-Home pages to share and extend learning at home and more!

More Music Literacy Bundles Coming Soon

The Fall Holidays Will Be Here Before You Know It

Have you ever thought about celebrating Oktoberfest? Does your community have a local celebration? If so, consider having one of your elementary grades sing at the festival.

Oktoberfest is a fun and more unique celebration that makes a nice addition to your elementary music lessons.

Fun Oktoberfest Activities for the Elementary Music Classroom

My students have gotten to sing at our community celebration for several years. Singing with a real polka band has been one of the highlights of the year.

We have always ended our set with the “Ducky Dance” (or Chicken Dance). Students would bring their entire families out to the “dance floor” in the street. This is a fun way to end our performance and involve families!

Bonus – This made it easy for me to dismiss students in the large crowd. They were already matched up with their families and ready to be dismissed at the end of our set.

Just looking for classroom activities? It is really hard to find school-appropriate Oktoberfest activities. Click to preview our Differentiated Oktoberfest Music Activities with a German Folk Song, Orff accompaniments, Boomwhackers notation, hand clap activities, a history of Oktoberfest, and more.

Don’t speak German? No problem. Two screencasts are included to teach German counting to 10 and the pronunciation for a simple German song.

Crowdfunding Platforms Can Help You Get the Resources You Need

TpT now has a crowdfunding platform to help teachers raise money for classroom resources. They have also partnered with DonorsChoose. Talk to your administrator and consider starting your class fund at one of these helpful sites.

TpTClassFund.com  DonorsChoose

Always get approval prior to beginning any type of fundraising.


Prioritize Your Classroom Needs and Develop a Plan

Wow! There is a lot to plan for at the beginning of the year. It can be overwhelming. But, you do NOT have to reinvent the wheel every time. 

Need help finding the perfect song to teach a specific music element? This easy-to-use Elementary Music Literacy Resource Guide includes a detailed index of music elements which makes finding the ideal activities simple. This helpful index includes MANY FREE as well as helpful paid resources.

Choose Engaging Back to School music activities

Choosing Back to School music activities that will positively engage your students starting on the first day of school sets the tone for the whole year. Prioritize and plan. Take it one step at a time friends.

Best wishes for a FABULOUS school year! Let me know if I can help.

[email protected]

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