Simplify Your Life with Weekend Cooking | Life-Changing Beef Stew

Yes, you can simplify your life with weekend cooking. I still cook pretty much only on the weekends. Even though I am recently retired from my first career, I am just starting my second career, I am still working at church and performing in several community groups. There is still never enough time in the day.

I like to cook, but there is a hierarchy of priorities and cooking still gets pushed lower and lower down the ladder. My slow cookers have always been some of my favorite time-saving appliances. However, they have had to make room for my Cosori Electric Pressure Cooker. It has revolutionized the way I cook. It has also motivated me to find some new recipes. For more on choosing a pressure cooker, see this previous post.

Simplify Your Life with Weekend Cooking | Life Changing Beef Stew

“Life-Changing Beef Stew” posted by Lindsay (also a former teacher) may not have changed my family’s life, but it has changed mine. If I have not thought far enough ahead or was swamped on the weekend, my pressure cooker comes to the rescue. Click the link above to see Lindsay’s recipe, but first check out my minor modifications.


I love Lindsay’s recipe just as it is, but, my family also loves mushrooms. So I made just a couple small modifications to her recipe.

  1. I add 16-20 oz. of pre-sliced fresh mushrooms (white mushrooms or baby bellas)
  2. Lindsay’s recipe calls for tomato juice. I never seem to have tomato juice on hand, so instead, I substitute 4 oz. tomato sauce.

I use Lindsay’s method of thickening with corn starch and do not worry about finishing in the oven. We love this recipe. Leftovers warm up well and it is quick, nutritious, & delicious. Thanks Lindsay!

A busy life gets complicated. Give it a try. You can simplify your life with weekend cooking.

Have you already tried Lindsay’s Life-Changing Beef Stew? Do you have other pressure cooker recipes that are your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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