Happy New Year Elementary Music Teachers!

Happy New Year! It is 2022 and it is time to celebrate. EVERYTHING in our store will be on SALE for 20% off on December 31 – January 2! Your favorite Music Sellers are here to help you get started on the right note. 🎶

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Elementary Music Sale January 1-2, 2022

All of the ENGAGING Music Literacy resources you need are included in the sale. Below are just a few highlights.

It is 2022! What is Your Vision?

Do you have a clear vision for your elementary music classroom during this new semester? It is time to outline your upcoming months.  And your timing is PERFECT.  Check out the tried and true teacher tested resources below to help bring your plans into focus.

This Free Music Literacy Resource Guide with helpful teacher tips is organized according to student learning objectives and can help simplify your search.

Make Music Literacy a Priority

It is always hard to keep up with music literacy goals, but teaching during a pandemic has compounded that problem. Sequential Kodály Music Reading BUNDLES will help you stay on track. Each bundle contains 5-7 individual guided music reading lessons. And, these lessons include games, songs, chants, instrument activities, printable take-home sheets, and more.

Beginning with bundle 4, all of the lessons also include Orff accompaniments as well. These basic bundles form a foundation for developing music literacy in the elementary grades. 

More Music Literacy Bundles Coming Soon

Black History Month Songs

In January we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and February is Black History Month. But these songs are truly perfect for the elementary music classroom or performance ALL YEAR LONG. African American music should be included in the repertoire for EVERY school.

These multitasking lessons include early elementary and upper elementary leveled biographies of civil rights leaders and DIFFERENTIATED Orff arrangements. 

Click each resource to listen to the Orff arrangements in the video previews.

Camp Songs with Differentiated Orff Arrangements

Yes, camp songs can help students develop music literacy skills. And, these camp songs are SO FUN for students and teachers! The differentiated Orff arrangements have something for each grade level. 

You can have fun and be silly and still deliver lessons that build music literacy. But, not all camp songs are silly. Michael Row the Boat Ashore is a beautiful, lyrical spiritual. This lends some variety to the bundle.

More Camp Songs

I have just started another series of camp songs that includes simple harmonic singing as well as Orff accompaniments. This 3-part partner song is designed for success. All songs start and end on Do. 

These fun PARTNER SONGS will become one of your favorite activities – GUARANTEED! 

Click to listen to the arrangement in video preview.

Instruments of the Orchestra

This is the season when students begin to register for classes for the upcoming year. For many students, this will be the first time they get to choose a few of the classes they will take. They may have the option of registering for beginning band, orchestra, or choir.

You are the best advocate for these programs! Help your students make informed decisions by teaching them about the instruments and the various programs in your district.

Click below to see video previews.

Instruments | Digital Interactive Notebooks

Using interactive notebooks is another FUN way to learn about the instruments of the orchestra or band. These activities may be completed as a class activity, as centers or stations, as individual 1:1 activities, or as distance learning activities. These DIGITAL interactive notebooks are available in PowerPoint and Google Slides versions.

Click images below to preview or watch video preview on YouTube.

Music Literacy Boom Cards for the Music Classroom

If you have never tried Boom Online Task Cards you are in for a real treat! Boom Cards are self checking and the decks may be assigned with Google Classroom or your school’s LMS. They may be used for group or 1:1 learning, practice, centers, or assessments.  

Think Boom Cards can’t provide REAL MUSIC LITERACY learning for your music classes? Check out the Bundles below. Each is a SEQUENTIAL SERIES which is organized similar to instrumental method books.

Getting Started Using Boom Cards

Try out these FREE Rhythm Primer Boom Cards. You will be hooked! Boom Learning allows you to sample the first four cards in every deck. This makes it easy to know exactly what is in each set.

If Boom Cards are new for you, click to learn a little more about Getting Started Using Boom Cards in the Music Classroom. This post includes a video tutorial that walks you through the process of redeeming and assigning Boom Cards using the FREE ACCOUNT option.

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Games, PrintableS, Digital Activities

Do you need more FUN ideas for centers or interactive classroom activities? Check out the activities below.

Music Playing Cards

These decks of printable playing cards may be laminated and used to play many different games to facilitate music learning. Directions for multiple games are included in each deck.

And, printing options provide for differentiation and use with multiple grade levels. Print with or without names or use reference charts included in each set.

Interactive PowerPoint Games

These sets of Treble Clef Interactive PowerPoint Games give students immediate feedback and may be used for centers, individual, or group practice. Download this simplified FREE Treble Clef SPACES Interactive PowerPoint Game to sample the games below.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: These Interactive PowerPoint Games are NOT compatible with Google Slides. The functionality of Google Slides has not yet caught up with PowerPoint. You MUST have PowerPoint to use these resources.

Music Composition | Drag & Drop Blocks

Music composition is can be difficult for beginning musicians. These drag & drop rhythm blocks ensure success while teaching about note values, meter, phrase form, and lyrics. These leveled sets are designed to meet the needs of multiple grade levels.

Resources are available as both Google Slides or PowerPoint Versions. Click to see more in the video previews.

Click here if you need PowerPoint versions of these Composition Rhythm Blocks activities.

Digital & Printable Worksheets & Puzzles

Do you need some quick activities for sub days, centers, or fast finishers? The puzzles below are PRINTABLE and DIGITAL. They may be printed and used as standard worksheets. Or, they may be Students may completed online using Easel, TpT’s Digital Tool. 

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I know some of our favorites resources will become some of your favorites too!

Best Wishes for a Happy & Productive New Year!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and productive semester. I know some of our favorites resources will become some of your favorites too! I hope that these tips help you get the most out of any TpT Site-Wide Sale, no matter which talented and dedicated seller you choose to purchase from.

Make it a Happy New Year, friend.

Do you need some more ideas and inspiration for your January lesson plans? Click to see these engaging January Favorites which includes a list of special observances, a storybook, a winter play-along activity, and a link to a FREE Chinese New Year song.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in another way.


Bonus – Spelling Blocks | For Any Word List

Yup! I know I am a music teacher. But we had a reluctant second grader at our house who needed more ways to practice his spelling. So, I created this drag & drop Spelling activity for use at home. Since then, I have had teachers in other classrooms tell me how much they appreciated using this resource that works for any spelling list. Or, maybe, like our family, you want to USE THIS RESOURCE AT HOME.

A first grade teacher had this to say. . . . . . . .
“I was searching for a good, feasible, and effective way to build words with my students! This is it! We use this often to practice our spelling words on our Chromebooks in Google Classroom with my 1st graders. They have learned to use it really well and it is fun. I love that I have a record of what they did (unlike when we use whiteboards) so now I know who needs intervention.”

These drag & drop spelling blocks are available as PowerPoint or Google Slides versions. Please share this one with your classroom teachers.

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