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No-Prep Guided Music Reading

Your first ready-to-teach resource leads the teacher and students through a logical, engaging music reading sequence. No lengthy prep time is required. Directions are embedded directly into the PowerPoint presentation.

Don’t use PowerPoint? No problem. This presentation is fully compatible with Google Slides.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Extremely Satisified

After using resources from this So, La, Mi Music Literacy Bundle. . . . .

These are FANTASTIC! Everything is ready for you to just start teaching! I love the little assessment at the end as well. Thanks so much!

Great visuals!

This bundle is the perfect way to teach So-La-Mi through a variety of songs and musical activities connected to the songs. This resource centers around actual repertoire (i.e. songs) as opposed to isolated musical exercises. I highly recommend this!

This really helped me to be able to teach reading skills online. It is a very well thought-out bundle. 🙂

Your First Easy-To-Use No-Prep Resource

FREE Kodály-Style Music Reading Lesson | Elementary Music Class Activities


Lesson builds music concepts and skills through iconic reading, which leads to kinesthetic practice with hand signs, which leads to standard notation. 

FREE Kodály-Style Music Reading Lesson | Elementary Music Class Activities

Movable Do

Lesson teaches movable Do and is sung in 3 different keys. Key changes become a simple concept when taught early and taught consistently.

FREE Kodály-Style Music Reading Lesson | Elementary Music Class Activities


Take-home worksheets may be used for practice and/or assessment. Complete the short pages at school and share learning at home. 

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