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We’re Here to Help – Elementary Music Resources Back-to-School BONUS Sale 2022

Funding for music classrooms is always in short supply. Save when you invest in these quality elementary music resources on sale at up to 25% off when you use the code at checkout.

Last year was HARD! We are here to help you make this school year much more manageable and even FUN. TpT and the supportive Teacher Authors are here to give you and your students get a fresh, new start.

TpT is holding a 2-Day Site-Wide Sale from Tuesday, August 30 – Wednesday, August 31. It is time to ready your wish list and SAVE! Everything in our store will be on sale. When you use the code BTSBONUS22 you will get 25% off of all of our helpful resources.

Elementary Music Class Resources Back to School Sale - Up to 25% Off

Need Some Guidance Navigating tpT?

Are you new to TpT? Did you know you can earn TpT credit just by leaving reviews of previously purchased items? If you need help or just a quick refresher, take a peek at the blog posts below.

If you still have questions, send me a quick email through our contact form on our “About Mi” page. I will get back ASAP.

Make Music Literacy a Priority

I know that it has been difficult teaching under the fluctuating circumstances of a pandemic. And, it has been even harder to develop students’ music literacy skills.

Your students may be behind. That is okay. Just meet them where they are. This FREE Elementary Music Literacy Resource Guide makes it easy to find activities that are perfect for your students.

This guide includes an easy-to-use index that displays at a glance the music elements and activities included in each resource. Helpful teacher tips are also included in each section. Do NOT miss the sequential music literacy bundles highlighted in this easy-to-scan indexed guide.

And, yes, EVERYTHING in our store is included in the sale. So now is the time to look forward and plan for the next several months. You are sure to find some new resources that will become your new favorites.

Teaching Classroom Rules Using Orff Rhythm Activities Makes it FUN!

Learning rules and procedures is always a vital component of Back to School music activities. It is important to establish a positive classroom climate. Why not MAKE IT FUN and set your rules to rhythm patterns? Teaching classroom rules and music skills on day 1 and having fun is a WIN WIN WIN!

See this blog post with detailed directions.

Welcome Students Back to School with Engaging Movement Activities

Music Mixers get students singing, moving, and interacting positively with each other on the first day of school and beyond. What are Music Mixer activities and how do you implement them in your classroom? See this blog post for more details.

Save Time and Money with Music Literacy Activity Bundles

Weaving music literacy activities into every elementary music class becomes simple using these time-saving bundles. Fun, sequential activities help students learn to read music in a logical, natural way.

Save over 20% every day when you invest in the NO-PREP bundles. With the additional sale savings, bundles give you a major SCORE.

Included in these easy-to-use bundles. . . .
  • PowerPoint presentations which may be used with Google Slides.
  • Iconic and standard notation.
  • Student Learning Targets written as clear, concise student-centered “I can” statements.
  • Games and activities designed to reinforce learning.
  • Instrumental performance activities.
  • Digital Easel Activities which may be used as assessments, centers, or classroom activities.
  • Printable Take-it-Home pages to share and extend learning at home and more!
From a Few Satisfied Teachers Using Our Music Literacy Bundles

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Susan W. – This was a great resource because it was able to be extended across several lessons and developed for whatever classroom instruments are available.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Alan D. – This bundle is the perfect way to teach So-La-Mi through a variety of songs and musical activities connected to the songs. This resource centers around actual repertoire (i.e. songs) as opposed to isolated musical exercises. I highly recommend this!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Cheryl T. – These are FANTASTIC! Everything is ready for you to just start teaching! I love the little assessment at the end as well. Thanks so much!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Cheryl K. – I own a few of these bundles and I know that I will be getting more in the future. They are so, so good! These lessons work perfectly on my Smartboard and they have really helped my students become more confident reading music. I love that they are virtually no prep for me and yet fun, engaging and informative for my students.

Interactive PowerPoint Games

For Microsoft schools, these games are a fun way to practice treble clef note names. The interactive PowerPoint games give students immediate feedback. They are perfect for centers or stations and individual or group practice.

Download this simplified FREE Treble Clef SPACES Interactive PowerPoint Game for a sample of the games below.

Important Note: These are INTERACTIVE PowerPoints and do NOT work in Google Slides. Google Slides does not yet have some of the functions that are currently available in PowerPoint.

Printable Composition Manipulatives – Ideal for a Variety of Music Activities and Grade Levels

Snag these today for your SUB TUB.

These printable Color, Cut, Compose Activities include 9 differentiated rhythm sets with 4 different composition templates. They are simple enough for early elementary students, but the advanced rhythm sets can challenge even middle school students.

This simple printable resource is very versatile and may be extended through several lessons. You may use it in the following ways.

  • Basic Rhythm Composition
  • Melodic Composition
  • Focus on Phrase Form
  • Add Lyrics to Rhythm
  • Create Extended Composition
  • Use Templates with Duplo-Size Blocks

Some creative teachers have even used this resource with their young band and orchestra students to compose and play their original music.

Digital & Printable Worksheets and Puzzles are Perfect for your Sub Tub

Another great find for your SUB TUB. These simple, fun, and versatile activities may be printed as standard worksheets or completed online as digital activities? The puzzles are perfect for sub days, centers, class review, or for fast finishers.

Learning About Instruments is an Important Element of Music Literacy

Do you need NO-PREP quality resources to introduce your students to the musical instruments of the orchestra and band? This informative Musical Instruments BUNDLE includes all the main instrument families, video links, and images for each instrument.

Includes optional guided notes worksheets to keep all students engaged.

The Instruments of the Orchestra BUNDLE is always over 20% off the individual lessons. But, investing during a site-wide sale means that you are saving even more.

See What These Teachers Have to Say

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Katy B. – My students loved these presentations. They were completely engaged in the learning, and I adore the easy links to musical examples!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dawn F. – My students loved the listening examples and your visuals for each instrument. Everything was laid out perfectly! Thank you for a great resource to complement my instruments of the orchestra unit!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kelly B. – I enjoyed using these resources with my students for their instrument unit. My students were highly engaged. My students typically have an extremely short attention span. So, having the participatory questions embedded in the PowerPoint helped me to engage students and keep them focused on the lesson. The lesson was very quick and to the point, which was what I need for the type of students that I serve.

Instruments of the Orchestra DIGITAL Interactive Notebooks

Creating interactive lesson plans for the elementary music classroom is a breeze with digital interactive notebooks.

These PAPERLESS activities are available in Google Slides or PowerPoint versions. Interactive notebooks are perfect for the classroom as a 1:1 activity, centers or stations, whole class activities, or sub lessons.

This resource includes the main instruments of the string, woodwind, brass, and percussion families.

Your NEW Favorite Seasonal Resources for Fall are Below

Stick to your music literacy goals while integrating seasonal activities. Take a peek at the music activities below. These resources combine music reading skills and fun seasonal themes.

Think Outside the Box with Elementary Music Oktoberfest Activities

Oktoberfest begins in late September and can last until the end of October depending on the region in which you live. Learning about Oktoberfest has ALWAYS been one of my students’ favorite activities.

This FUN resource includes differentiated Oktoberfest Music Activities for grades K-5. Activities include a traditional German song, hand clap patterns, Orff accompaniment patterns, Boomwhackers notation, Oktoberfest history, German traditions, and more!

Don’t speak German? No problem. This resource includes two helpful pronunciation screencasts for the simple foreign language activities.

Halloween Music Activities are the Highlight of Students’ Day

Pass the Pumpkin is HANDS DOWN my absolute favorite activity for this time of year. Your kids will LOVE singing the song, playing the game, and adding ORFF accompaniments while learning music skills!

Add the INTERACTIVE Digital Rhythm Flashcards and/or the Printable Clip it Rhythm Cards to create a whole Halloween unit.

Non-Halloween Music Activities are Just as Fun

Do you have students that don’t celebrate Halloween? No problem. Pass the Pumpkin PIE has all the same fun activities and you can use it all season long. Your students will want to sing these songs and play the game all year long. (And, that’s okay. 😊)

Take a peek at these Fall Rhythm Clip It Cards which have the same rhythm patterns as the Halloween set.

Boom Cards Make Learning to Read Music Fun and Motivating

These Boom Cards provide REAL MUSIC LITERACY learning in a game setting. They are not simply “fluff” games. Boom Cards may be used for individual/group learning and/or assessment. They make a nice addition to any private studio.

If you have never tried Boom Cards you are in for a real treat! They are self-checking and the decks may be assigned using Google Classroom, your school’s LMS, or simply by emailing the link. You can even create a QR code to take students directly to an assigned set.

Each series below is sequential and provides many different opportunities for differentiation. Click to see more and determine which would best meet the needs of your students.

Rhythmic Dictation Boom Cards – Listen and Build the Pattern You Hear

Students drag and drop the rhythm blocks to match the patterns they hear. When they make a mistake, they listen again and FIX IT. Click below to see this set in action.

YouTube video

CLICK Here to learn more on TpT.

Melodic Dictation Becomes a Fun Challenge with Boom Cards

Set in a game-like atmosphere, students listen and build the melodies they hear by dragging and dropping the melody blocks. Click the video to see this set in action.

YouTube video

CLICK HERE to learn more on TpT.

Melodic dictation blocks are available in the following keys.

“What Do You Hear?” Melodic Pattern Identification Ear Training Series

This series does NOT include the “cute” clipart of some of the other series. Because it does not look “elementary,” it may be used in middle and high school settings depending upon the needs of your students.

YouTube video

Available in the following keys.

CLICK HERE to see more lessons available in this Ear Training series.

Treble Clef Note Name Series is Scaffolded for Student Success

“I really like that these activities are presented in levels of increasing complexity (high/low, spaces, lines, mixed, extended spaces and lines) which allows students to really focus on learning a skill before moving on to something more difficult. Students loved playing these and the soccer theme is really engaging for them.”

“My students loved using this resource in centers and ask for it on centers days! They stay engaged and are learning at a much faster pace than before. Love It!”

~ from Satisfied Teachers

YouTube video

Click to Preview.

Bass Clef Note Name Series Provides the Same Helpful Scaffolding

This series of 6 different bass clef sets provides sequential learning and scaffolding for differentiation and support to students of varying abilities.

YouTube video

Click to Preview

Never Used Boom Cards? Try These FREE Music Literacy Boom Cards First.

Need some help getting started? This helpful blog post includes a short video tutorial on How to Use Boom Cards in Elementary Music.

Do you want to try a few sets of Boom Cards before purchasing an entire series? Subscribe to our helpful email newsletter and get 5 FREE Sets of Boom Cards sent directly to your inbox. Or, browse our Boom Cards Category and download a FREE set or two to try. You will be hooked!

A Site-Wide Sale is the Time to Stock Up and Save

You CAN have a happy and productive school year even during pandemic recovery. And, with careful planning, you can Get the Most Out of Any TpT Site-Wide Sale, no matter which talented and dedicated seller you choose to purchase from. A site-wide sale is definitely the time to invest in quality elementary music resources and save. Remember to use the code BTSBONUS22 to get the full 25%.

There is NO SUCH THING as an “easy button” in education. But, any of these NO-PREP resources will save your time and help you enjoy teaching again. We want to help lighten your load and build your repertoire with helpful lessons that you and your students will enjoy for years to come.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in another way.

[email protected]

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