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Elementary Music Resources Sale | May 4-5, 2021

Pandemic teaching has been rough! TpT and participating teacher authors are here to help you during this EXTRAORDINARY time. TpT is holding a Teacher Appreciation Site-Wide Sale on Tuesday, May 4 – Wednesday, May 5. Now is the time to invest in the music resources you need for your elementary music classroom.

EVERYTHING IN OUR STORE IS ON SALE. No matter what circumstances you are teaching under – in the classroom, on a cart, distance learning, or a hybrid model, there are resources here that will engage your students and make your life easier.

These flexible teaching materials are available at phenomenal prices. By using the code THANKYOU21, all of our helpful resources will be up to 25% off. 

Site-Wide Sale TeachersPayTeachers.com | Frau Musik USA

Check out the tips posted below to help you get the most value out of any TpT Site-Wide Sale. Did you know you can earn FREE TpT products just by leaving reviews of previously purchased items? Click to read How to Earn TpT Credit if you need help or just a quick refresher.

If you need more tips on maximizing your purchases, click to read this blog post – How to Get the Most Value from a TpT Site-Wide Sale

Yes, EVERYTHING in our store is included. Of course, all of the helpful resources that we have created are our favorites or we would not have made them for you. You are sure to find some fun resources that will become your favorites too. Take a look.

Make Music Literacy a Priority

It is important to integrate music reading into every lesson using a strategy that is efficient and systematic with a logical sequence. The resources below provide structured lessons leading students through ICONIC and STANDARD notation reading rhythm and melodies. For more info, check out this post – Tips to Integrate Music Reading into Every Lesson.

Click to preview each bundle below.

Sneak More Music Literacy Activities into Every Class & Rehearsal

Well-designed multitasking music activities help you to be a more efficient and effective teacher. With these fun sequential Tongue Twister Solfege Vocal Warm Ups, your students will learn the hand signs for all the pitches of the major scale, learn about movable Do, read pitches on the staff in multiple keys, internalize and sing the pitches, practice clear concise diction, and expand their range.

The Bundle is 40% of the individual resources every day. On sale, you save even more. That is a WIN-WIN-WIN!

Boom Cards for Developing Music Literacy

It is not an easy task to teach music literacy skills in the classroom and it is even harder when you are forced to teach online! Boom Cards are NOT just fun, time-filler games. Boom Cards are a valuable tool for developing and practicing REAL MUSIC LITERACY skills.

Boom Cards may be used for individual/group learning and/or assessment. When you are back in the classroom, they may be used as centers as well. If you have never tried Boom online task cards you are in for a real treat! Boom Cards are self-checking and the decks may be assigned using a FastPlay Link.

If you are new to Boom Cards, be sure and check out this video with tips for Getting Started with Boom Cards and Using the FastPin Link Option. I promise, it is NOT hard. But, there are some simple, important, tips that will help you get started efficiently. This video also includes a tip for how you can use Boom Cards as assessments using the FREE account so watch to the end.

Each series below is of graduated difficulty and provide many different opportunities for differentiation. Click on each to determine which would best meet the needs of your students.

Rhythm Block Builder Series

Students listen and build the rhythms they hear by dragging and dropping rhythm blocks. This bundle includes 8 DIFFERENTIATED SETS. Click the video to see a set in action.

CLICK HERE to see more on TpT.

YouTube video

Melody Block Builder Series

Students listen and build the melodies they hear by dragging and dropping melody blocks. These bundles include 7 DIFFERENTIATED SETS. Click the video to see one set in action.

CLICK HERE to see more on TpT.

YouTube video

Melodic Dictation Blocks are available in the following keys.

“What Do You Hear?” Ear Training Series Key of C – Standard Notation

These 3 different series do NOT include the “cute” clipart of some of the other series. Because they do not look “elementary,” they may be used in the middle and high school settings as well depending upon the needs of your students.

This series begins VERY simply with just So-Mi for beginning musicians. With seven sequential sets, the upper levels will challenge middle school and even some high school students.

CLICK HERE to see the lessons available in this Ear Training series.

YouTube video

These “What Do You Hear?” Melody Boom Cards Bundles each include 7 DIFFERENTIATED SETS and are available in three different keys.

Treble Clef Note Name Series

There are 6 different sets in this series. Sets 1-3 include only the BASIC notes on the staff. Sets 1 practices the BASIC SPACE NOTES. Set 2 practices the BASIC LINE NOTES. Set 3 practices the basic lines and spaces together. Sets 4-6 follow the same pattern while including EXTENDED notes above and below the staff.

Click to Preview.

YouTube video

Bass Clef Note Name Series

This series of 6 different sets follows the same pattern as the treble clef note names. Sets 1-2 introduce and practice space and line notes separately. Set 3 practices the lines and spaces together. Sets 1-3 include the BASIC notes on the staff only. Sets 4-6 follow the same pattern while including EXTENDED notes above and below the staff.

Click to Preview

YouTube video

FREE Music Literacy Boom Cards

Do you want to try using several different sets of Boom Cards with your students before purchasing an entire series? Click to read this blog post with 10 FREE Elementary Music Online Distance Learning Activities.

Don’t miss the sale. These NO-PREP music literacy resources will never be offered at a higher discount.

Interactive PowerPoint Games – You Must Have PowerPOint to USE These REsources

For Microsoft schools, these games are a perfect way to practice treble clef note names. The interactive PowerPoint games give students immediate feedback. When you are back in the classroom, they may be used for centers, individual, or group practice. Check out this simplified FREE Treble Clef SPACES Interactive PowerPoint Game for a sample of the games below.

Note: These are INTERACTIVE PowerPoints and do NOT work in Google Slides. Google Slides does not yet have some of the functionality that is currently available in PowerPoint.

Online Music Composition | Drag & Drop Blocks for Google Slides or PowerPoint

Music composition is hard for beginning musicians. These Drag & Drop Rhythm Blocks Composition Sets ensure success and make composition FUN while teaching about note values, meter, phrase form, and lyrics. These leveled sets are effective for a wide age range of students.

Each resource includes 4 separate composition lessons. They are available as both Google Slides or PowerPoint versions. Click to see preview.

PowerPoint Drag & Drop Composition Blocks

If you are in need of PowerPoint versions of these lessons, click the links below.

Printable Elementary Music Resources

Do you need NO-PREP printable resources for multiple grades? These Color, Cut, Compose activities include 9 differentiated rhythm sets with 4 different composition templates. They are simple enough for kindergarten students, but can challenge even middle school students.

These simple printable activities are very versatile and may be extended over several class sessions. This resource may be used in the following ways.

  • Basic Rhythm Compositions
  • Melodic Compositions
  • Focus on Phrase Form
  • Add Lyrics to Rhythms
  • Create Extended Compositions
  • Use the Templates with Duplo-Size Blocks

Some teachers have used this resource with their young band and orchestra students to compose and play their original music.

DIGITAL & PRINTABLE Worksheets & Puzzles

Do you need simple, fun printables that students can complete independently? In the classroom, they may be used for sub days, centers, class review, or for fast finishers.

These PRINTABLE worksheets and puzzles include a DIGITAL version which may be completed using Easel, the TpT digital tool. They may be assigned with Google Classroom and completed ONLINE as DIGITAL ACTIVITIES!

Check out these DIGITAL and PRINTABLE sets below to see if they meet a need of your classroom.

Need help getting started with TpT’s digital tools? See How to Use Easel by TpT.

Instruments of the Orchestra PowerPoints with Student wORKSheets

This Instruments of the Orchestra BUNDLE is always over 20% off the individual lessons. But, investing during a sale means that you are saving even more. These NO-PREP guided lessons are ready-to-use. Just download, print optional worksheets if desired, and present. Short sound inks are included so students can hear each instrument as well.

Printable student worksheets provide accountability and make these resources perfect for sub days. These PowerPoint presentations are also compatible with Google Slides. They work well for distance learning or in the classroom.

Click to preview.

NEW Instruments of the Orchestra DIGITAL Interactive Notebook

Creating lesson plans for the elementary music classroom is much more difficult during a pandemic. Your plans MUST be FLEXIBLE. EVERYTHING can CHANGE with very little notice.


If your students need more social distancing activities for school or home, INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS to the rescue! This Ready-toUse Musical Instruments of the Orchestra and Band resource is easy for teachers & FUN for students.

And, it is available for Google Slides for schools using Google Classroom or as a PowerPoint version for Microsoft Schools

Click to watch the video preview.

Seasonal Elementary Music Resources

Spring is here after a long winter. Brighten up your lessons with these spring Music Literacy resources for various grade levels. These songs with differentiated Orff accompaniments are sure to engage your students and bring some joy to your classroom.

Can’t share mallets or use your Orff instruments? Try using Recycled Rhythm Instruments that students create themselves.

Click to listen to the arrangements in the video previews posted on TpT.

Interactive Rhythm Flashcards

Need a FUN way to practice rhythm skills?These Interactive Rhythm Pattern Flashcards are differentiated into 6 different levels for grades K-5. Level 1 includes iconic reading while levels 2-6 use standard notation build sequentially. .

For FUN ways to use these rhythm cards, check out this post with 10 Ways to Use Interactive Rhythm Pattern Flashcards.

Black History Music Resources

African American spirituals are perfect for ANY TIME OF YEAR. Each resource is differentiated for grades K-5 and includes two short biographies of a Civil Rights Leader.

Each song includes 4 Orff accompaniments that will make an impressive addition to any concert or music program.

Click to listen to the Orff accompaniments in the video previews.

TpT Site-Wide Sale | THANKYOU21

This is definitely the time to invest in resources for your elementary music classroom. Remember to use the code FORYOU21 to get the full 25% discount. The pandemic is beginning to wane in our corner of the world. But, education has been changed forever. Whether you are in the classroom full time, teaching online, or using some form of blended learning, these resources will be helpful additions to your lessons for years to come.

I hope that some of these resources will become some of your favorites and that you Get the Most Out of Any TpT Site-Wide Sale, no matter which talented and dedicated seller you choose to purchase from. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you in another way. Best wishes!

[email protected]

Spelling Blocks – For Any Word List

Yup! I know I am a music teacher. But I was working with a reluctant second-grade student who needed more ways to practice his spelling. So, I created this drag & drop spelling resource. Since then, I have had teachers in other classrooms tell me how much they appreciated using this lesson. Or, maybe, like our family, you want to use it at home.

A first grade teacher had this to say.  “I was searching for a good, feasible, and effective way to build words with my students! This is it! We use this often to practice our spelling words on our Chromebooks in Google Classroom with my 1st graders. They have learned to use it really well and it is fun. I love that I have a record of what they did (unlike when we use whiteboards) so now I know who needs intervention.”

These inexpensive drag & drop spelling blocks are available as PowerPoint or Google Slides versions. They work with any word list and may be used over and over. That is a bargain!

Please share this one with your classroom teachers.