Back to School Elementary Music Lessons

Welcome back! It is Back to School season when everything is exciting, new, and fresh. Check out some of these featured resources to help you start your year fresh with your students actively engaged and learning music skills on day 1.

Learn Music Rules | Orff Activities

Learning rules and procedures is vital to establish a positive classroom climate. Why not set your rules to rhythm patterns? Then you can learn and practice them with Orff-style activities. Check out this blog post with detailed directions.

Are you strapped for time? Do you need FREE Music Rule Rhythm Posters? Or maybe you need a more extensive rule learning sequence for grades K-5? Music Rules | Back to School Orff Rhythm Activities includes ready-to-go lessons which may be extended over 4 days! That is some fun rule review!

Get Students Moving with Music Mixer Activities

I LOVE Music Mixer Activities! They get students singing, moving, and interacting positively with each other on day 1. What are Music Mixer Activities and how do you implement them in your classroom? Check out this blog post.

Do you need a couple ready-to-go Music Mixer Activities that you can use year after year? They are great for Back to School time or after fall, winter, or spring break or any time at all! Check out these Music Mixer for Primary Grades and Music Mixer for Intermediate Grades.

Make Music Literacy the BackBone or Your Program

There is so little time and so much to teach! How do you make time to teach music reading everyday? It takes careful planning and lessons that build one upon another, introducing only one new element at a time. 

Do you need ready-to-go music reading lessons that can also serve as assessments? These sequential sets might be just what you need.

Fall Holidays Are Right Around the Corner

Wow! Summer sure went fast. The fall holidays will be here before you know it. Have you ever thought about celebrating Oktoberfest? Does your community have a local celebration? 

Oktoberfest Activities

Our school has gotten to sing with a local polka band for several years! We always ended our set with the “Ducky Dance” (or Chicken Dance). Students brought their entire families out to the “dance floor” in the street. It is a great way to end our performance and involve families!

It is really hard to find Oktoberfest activities that do not revolve around alcohol. Check out these activities below.

 Look what a Buyer said about this secondary edition. 
“Great activity for my Exploratory German Class! Finally, an Oktoberfest resource that doesn’t focus on alcohol.”

What Other Resources Do You Need For Your Classes?

Now is the Time to Stock Up!

Wow! There is a lot to plan for at the beginning of the year. It can sometimes feel overwhelming. Use some of these resources or some other fabulous finds on TpT to help with planning and lesson design. 

If you are not aware, TpT has just started a crowdfunding platform to help teachers raise money for classroom lessons. Talk to your administrator and start your class fund here – .

Best wishes for a FABULOUS school year. Let me know if I can help.


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