A Virtual Field Trip to the Symphony

Musical InstrumentsHave you ever wanted to take your students on a field trip to the symphony but it is just too far away or it costs too much? Learning about instruments has never been easier with all of the performances posted online. However, gathering videos together and preparing a lesson can be very time consuming. Enter ThingLink. With these ready to use ThingLink lessons, a Virtual Field Trip to the Symphony is a snap!

Virtual Field Trip to the Symphony

I created these musical instrument ThingLinks about five years ago to help my students learn about instruments and they are still just as popular as ever. My students have loved listening & watching these performances. There are a wide variety of  styles that I chose to highlight in these ThingLink videos, from pop to classical, to Disney, to a marching band drum line.

Students can also access the performances at home and they do. Since I posted these lessons, they have had over 21,000 views and I had to reset the stats. Go ThingLink!

Viewing Quality Performances Motivates Students

Recently, a classroom teacher reported that one of her boys had worked very hard to earn free ipad time. This was a rare occurrence for him. He could choose to do anything that was appropriate for school during this free time. He chose to watch my Virtual Field Trip to the Symphony ThingLinks!  He spent his precious 20 minutes sitting quietly with headphones on, absorbed in the music and video. His teacher was amazed and frankly so was I!

How to Access & Use ThingLinks

I created these ThingLinks in instrument family groups. Click the link below to access each instrument family.

Once you have opened the lesson you want to view, follow the simple directions below.

  • Hover over the image. Near each instrument you will see buttons appear. There are two different videos for each instrument. (Cello has a bonus video. I just couldn’t resist.)
  • Click on each button to watch and listen. Enjoy!

Expand the Lesson with Instrument Puzzles

These ThingLinks pair well with Musical Instrument Word Search & Crossword Puzzles. ThingLinks and puzzles are ideal for highlighting one instrument family per class session.

  • Day 1 String Family: Listen to 1-2 minutes of the first performance of each instrument and complete the word search puzzle.
  • Day 2 String Family: Listen to 1-2 minutes of the second performance of each instrument and complete the cross word puzzle.
  • Continue this sequence highlighting only one instrument family per class session. (This may make an ideal activity to add to your sub plans if you will be having an extended absence.)

Students who are absent will not miss out completely when you highlight the same instrument family for two days. Also, this gives you time to make music during each class session.

Keyboard instruments

Use Safe Viewing as Outlined by Your School Policy

As an added benefit, when you currently access the YouTube performances through ThingLink, you avoid any unsavory ads or commercials that may pop up if you go directly to YouTube. Frequent updates often change the way apps work. Be sure and double check from time to time to make sure no updates or policy changes interfere with this feature.

Feel free to use my ThingLink lessons in your classroom or link them to your website. Please don’t forget to credit me if you do. Also, check out the other Music Learning Activities on my “Learn” page.

Your Virtual Field Trip to the Symphony is at your fingertips. Enjoy!

Auf Wiedersehen,

Frau Musik

Have you used ThingLink before? How do you like using ThingLink? Have you made any ThingLinks of your own. Leave a comment below.

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